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Version 16 - 13 Dec 2018

- Game remembers your nickname (Thanks Jerry & Wolf's Hollow)

- Can change player name inside room

- Changed beeping sound for bell sound (Thanks Wolf's Hollow)

- Added sound for your turn

- Increased initial settlement timer from 30s to 90s (Thanks ericpalumbo & Wolf's Hollow)

- Fixed cards appearing very small or invisible (Thanks traveler71214 & kaximat1 & Abe)

- Fixed settlements becoming invisible (Thanks Randy & lolNidi & Wolf's Hollow)

- Fixed kicking a player from room immediately joins them back (Thanks Wolf's Hollow)

- Fixed player limit preventing more people from joining (Thanks Wolf's Hollow)

- Fixed room setting bugs with Can't place robber until VPs

- Fixed HTML Bug: Stray end tag input (Thanks Phosegena)

- Changed private message format, type /help to learn

- Changed favicon and lobby color

- Added Roadmap to Patch Log page

Version 15 - 08 Dec 2018

- Katan.io link at Google works

- Fixed server crashes

Version 14 - 06 Dec 2018

- Chat shows information and error messages 🌅

- Players in room look better 🌅

- Players in lobby look better 🌅

- Reduced max length of guest and bot names to 6

- Fixed bug where you couldn't use monopoly if all the resources in bank were taken (Thanks George & Randy)

- Fixed bug where you got disconnected from bot games, lobby and room (Thanks lolNidi)

- Fixed bug with bot game chat not working

- Fixed server crashes

Version 13 - 29 Nov 2018

- Rooms always show above games in lobby

- Rooms have a different background color

- Added a favicon to game to differentiate from tabs

- Removed the annoying game starting and ending texts from the lobby

- When the room leader leaves the next person is appointed as leader

- Fixed bug where the leader of the room passed down to bots and the room stayed forever

- Room leader is always shown at the top

- Can not edit other players room names

- UI optimizations

Version 12 - 27 Nov 2018

- Complete lobby overhaul!!! (Old vs New)

- Can create custom games in the lobby (Thanks Jerry & Valentin) 🌅

- Player nicks can be changed (Thanks Valentin) 🌅

- Added friendly robber setting from PlayCatan inside game settings (Thanks Krystof & lolNidi) 🌅

- Reduced bots trade offering per turn from 3=>2 (Thanks RockandSnow)

- Fixed chat not working at times (Thanks Ray)

- Chat doesn't write every joined and disconnected players (Thanks Ray)

- Players are given a random human name instead of id at the start 🌅

- Game shows settings 🌅

- Game loads faster

Version 11 - 19 Nov 2018

User Interface Updates:

- Timer turns red and beeps last 5 seconds (Thanks lolNidi) 🌅

- Players have background colors (Thanks lolNidi) 🌅

- Hovering over cards show tips (Thanks Ray) 🌅

- Chat shows icons 🌅

- Shows current turn with an arrow near players side 🌅

- Dice images are properly updated (Thanks wetz1091)

- Your player info is always at the right bottom

User Experience Updates:

- Wrong clicks show floating texts instead of popups 🌅

- Clicking on build actions results in error texts when can't build 🌅

- Clicking on ports explain what they do 🌅

- Pressing ESC on trade offers denies trades (Thanks Iron)

- Fixed bug with card tips showing (Thanks Ray)

- Can't click development cards when it is not your turn (Thanks Iron)

Generic Fixes:

- Fixed start game button sending to white screen (Thanks Baris)

- Bots are more careful on discarding

- Fixed your action colors always showing red

Version 10 - 13 Nov 2018

- Winning players icon lights up gold (Image) (Thanks LordGrayMock)

- Hovering on player stat images shows information about them (Image)

- Current turn player is highlighted in yellow (Image) (Thanks gargantuaSy)

- Victory points show the private VPs (when you have VP development card) (Image)

- Animation shows where to click the dices if the player doesn't for 5 seconds (Image) (Thanks redempt98)

- Rules button added to top left of the game (Image)

- Decreased settlement & city sizes

- Hidden game screen scrolls bars

- Fixed buying development cards not being truly random (Thanks QThellimist)

- Fixed stolen resources not being truly random (Thanks QThellimist)

- Fixed bug where total cards in the game increases (Thanks Iron)

Version 9 - 09 Nov 2018

- Complete game UI overhaul!!! (Old vs New)

- Bots initiate and accept trades that are actually good for them

- Bots accept multiple resource trades, 2:1, 3:1, 3:2 etc..

- Bots can try to trade multiple times in a single turn

- Fixed bots not initiating trades

- Fixed being able to build cities after your 4th city (Thanks Ray)

- Made development cards clearer & moved dice to center with other buttons (Thanks avi_g_foodie)

- Fixed being able to misplace second starting road (Thanks Krystof)

- Moved game to a new server with 48x more speed

Version 8 - 25 Oct 2018

- Bots are more aggressive on taking longest road from opponents (Thanks RockandSnow)

- Bots don't place stupid looking roads (Thanks QThellimist)

- Bots are more aggressive and smarter in stealing resources

- Bots refuse to trade with the winning player late game

- Bots accept trade faster when it's an all bot game

Version 7 - 16 Oct 2018

- Fixed North-West tile not distributing resources at the beginning of the game (Thanks Paul Ruettgers)

- Fixed bots targeting red to steal from while there are better targets (Thanks Paul Ruettgers)

- Orange & White colors are more easily identifiable (Thanks Dezza88)

- Smaller placement circles (Thanks Dezza88)

Version 6 - 07 Oct 2018

- Bots will not accept trades that don't benefit them anymore (Thanks atilling99)

- Performance updates to make the game work better in lower end devices

- Changed support email address send all your suggestions to: [email protected]

Version 5 - 04 Oct 2018

- Added bots trade with bank when they have too much cards (Thanks Prasaanth)

- Added bots trade with bank if they need a card and can't trade (Thanks Prasaanth)

- Fixed bots trading too fast (Thanks atilling99 & Dezza88)

- Fixed bots accepting every trade player asks (Thanks atilling99)

- Fixed bot trading with itself

- Fixed bots failing to use Year of Plenty card

- Changed AI Game name to Bot Game

Version 4 - 28 Sep 2018

- AI plays development cards (Thanks Perron & Prasaanth)

- AI game waiting timer is now 4x longer (Thanks Vagrant_Charlatan & Catherine)

- Fixed game continuing after winning the game with largest army (Thanks jxv_)

- Fixed AI not placing robber in some cases (Thanks Paul Ruettgers)

- Fixed longest road not changing hands when someone cuts the road (Thanks Paul Ruettgers)

Version 3 - 31 Dec 2017

- Improved AI

- Added randomized map

- Added initial game placements

- Made better patch log

- Game starts instantly when all players are found

- Not showing ad bug fixed

- Fixed colors and building placement

Version 2 - 25 Dec 2017

- Added lobby

- Can choose to play vs humans or AI

- Updated colors & other game UI elements based on feedback

- Added a short rules page

- Better card animations

Version 1 - 18 Dec 2017

- Can use Knight before dice roll

- If you don't find a game for 30 seconds you'll be matched with lightning fast weak AI opponents

- Added card animations when using: Knight, Year of Plenty, Monopoly, Robber

- Writes in chat console when a player leaves

Version 0 - 11 Dec 2017

- Initializing the game