Katan.io - Inspired by Settlers of Catan

Patch Log

Version 7 - 16 Oct 2018

- Fixed North-West tile not distributing resources at the beginning of the game (Thanks Paul Ruettgers)

- Fixed bots targeting red to steal from while there are better targets (Thanks Paul Ruettgers)

- Orange & White colors are more easily identifiable (Thanks Dezza88)

- Smaller placement circles (Thanks Dezza88)


Version 6 - 07 Oct 2018

- Bots will not accept trades that don't benefit them anymore (Thanks atilling99)

- Performance updates to make the game work better in lower end devices

- Changed support email address send all your suggestions to: katan.io.sup@gmail.com

Version 5 - 04 Oct 2018

- Added bots trade with bank when they have too much cards (Thanks Prasaanth)

- Added bots trade with bank if they need a card and can't trade (Thanks Prasaanth)

- Fixed bots trading too fast (Thanks atilling99 & Dezza88)

- Fixed bots accepting every trade player asks (Thanks atilling99)

- Fixed bot trading with itself

- Fixed bots failing to use Year of Plenty card

- Changed AI Game name to Bot Game

Version 4 - 28 Sep 2018

- AI plays development cards (Thanks Perron & Prasaanth)

- AI game waiting timer is now 4x longer (Thanks Vagrant_Charlatan & Catherine)

- Fixed game continuing after winning the game with largest army (Thanks jxv_)

- Fixed AI not placing robber in some cases (Thanks Paul Ruettgers)

- Fixed longest road not changing hands when someone cuts the road (Thanks Paul Ruettgers)

Version 3 - 31 Dec 2017

- Improved AI

- Added randomized map

- Added initial game placements

- Made better patch log

- Game starts instantly when all players are found

- Not showing ad bug fixed

- Fixed colors and building placement

Version 2 - 25 Dec 2017

- Added lobby

- Can choose to play vs humans or AI

- Updated colors & other game UI elements based on feedback

- Added a short rules page

- Better card animations

Version 1 - 18 Dec 2017

- Can use Knight before dice roll

- If you don't find a game for 30 seconds you'll be matched with lightning fast weak AI opponents

- Added card animations when using: Knight, Year of Plenty, Monopoly, Robber

- Writes in chat console when a player leaves

Version 0 - 11 Dec 2017

- Initializing the game